About us

Rayan Sofa Renovator is a reliable sofa set manufacturers & specialist in sofa upholstery in Bangalore. We provide an exclusive range of sofa sets for the people who follow royal lifestyle.

Rayan Sofa is designed to issue everything that your leather sofa demands. Rayan Sofa delivers the adequate job to mend your old sofa.
The virtuoso of the Rayan Sofa can do every possible change in your old or torn sofa; even the modification will bring out extra luxury and comfort.

The most annoying moment is when a guest comes to your house or office and find himself/herself confined in your dreary old sofa. You will be annoyed, and the guest will feel unscrupulous, and unfortunately, you will try to get rid of the sag by throwing out the sofa into the waste, but that is not the only option. Just contact to Rayan Sofa and rest in peace. Our active team will do all the other course of action.

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